Improves students’ attitude to writing and their performance in writing across curriculums.

Creates a safe and supportive environment with clear guidelines; allows students to develop their creativity and give and receive constructive feedback between peers.

Enables students to express themselves through their writing to help them to make sense of their world.

Cultivates independent thought and problem solving skills.

Develops better life skills like conflict resolution, stress management, understanding and empathy.



This is a TED talk by Writopia's creator, Rebecca Wallace-Segall. She works in schools teaching creative writing as well as running a writing lab in New York.


Writing a story is really good for your brain.

Grade 4 Student

I feel very good about writing now. I love to write stories now because in writing you can really imagine and express your ideas."

Grade 6 Student

I was thrilled to see my daughter so engaged in learning. She has gained a life-long appreciation of the craft of writing and a confidence in her ability to express herself creatively.

Grade 5 Parent

Thank you for showing me how to write more and use detail. Also for showing me how to be creative. It was so fun working with you.

Grade 5 Student at Dixon Grove Public School

Story Quest's impact on student writing has positively changed their attitudes. Students once saw writing as a task and now see it as an opportunity for their voices to be heard. I would highly recommend Charlotte to be a part of a class writing process!


Principal at Parkdale Public School

I feel that writing now is fun and is very creative and now I like it better than before.


Grade 4 Student ​at Dixon Grove Public School