Bring Story Quest to your school and give

your students the gift of writing.

Story Quest is an opportunity for students to gain creative writing skills,

develop confidence in their writing and learn to see writing as a form of

artistic expression.  With our programs students can write and publish

their own chapter book, short story or poetry.


Teachers see students producing high quality writing that

covers many curriculum expectations. 


"I would highly recommend this authentic writing experience for any teacher at the

elementary level.  Level 3 and 4 students soar, and Level 1 and 2 students blossom as

the project unfolds." Grade 6 Teacher.


Invite Charlotte Safieh, certified Ontario Elementary School Teacher, writer and 

developer of Story Quest into your classroom.

Schools that have written with Story Quest to date are:

Parkdale Elementary

Dixon Grove Junior Middle School 

Howard Park Elementary

and St Vincent de Paul Catholic Elementary.

For students of grade 3 and above.

Students at Parkdale proudly showing their books, February 2013.

Canadian Teacher Magazine

Creative writing matters by Charlotte safieh - Jan 2014



"I have been part of Charlotte Safieh’s story writing program for 3 years and it is amazing!  It is a program which allows students to explore and discover the writers within themselves.  Students feel an immense sense of pride and accomplishment when they have completed their chapter books.  Many students felt like there was absolutely no way they could write 5 chapters,  only to discover that not only could they write 5 chapters, but they actually enjoyed writing that much! 


Charlotte Safieh’s story writing program also fits in nicely with the Ontario Curriculum meeting the needs of students and teachers.  I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to be part of this wonderful program!"



 Grade 6 Homeroom Teacher

Thank you for showing me how to write more and use detail. Also for showing me how to be creative. It was so fun working with you.

Grade 5 Student at Dixon Grove Public School

Story Quest's impact on student writing has positively changed their attitudes. Students once saw writing as a task and now see it as an opportunity for their voices to be heard. I would highly recommend Charlotte to be a part of a class writing process!


Principal at Parkdale Public School

I feel that writing now is fun and is very creative and now I like it better than before.


Grade 4 Student ​at Dixon Grove Public School